FERMA 2019
Auto-reply – verify payment required – Bank transfer payment


Please kindly note that the payment for your requested services in the “shopping basket” (please see the enclosed “summary”) did not succeed and we kindly inform you that these services are not confirmed.

kindly note that the requested services (please see the enclosed “summary”) are suspended till payment verification.
We kindly inform you that these services are not confirmed until the payment is received and only after verifying the availability of the requested services.
You will receive a detailed invoice at the end of the process.

Bank details for the wire transfer:
PUBLI CRÉATIONS SAM CONGRES FERMA (please enclose photocopy of bank receipt):
BNP Paribas MONTE-CARLO PLR, Le Castel Paradou – 26, Boulevard d’Italie, 98000 Monaco (MC)
IBAN MC 58 3000 4091 7800 0100 3871 457 – BIC (swift) BNPAMCM1XXX
Clearly State: “FERMA FORUM 2019”